Healthcare providing organisations with valid and eligible supporting documents as follows can register with the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) –

Type of establishment Supporting document
Private hospital
  • Certificate of registration of private hospital
Nursing home
  • Certificate of registration of nursing home
Medical clinic
  • Certificate of registration of medical clinic
Dental company
  • Acknowledgement letter issued by the Department of Health in receipt of "Particulars of Directors or Managers or Persons who perform dental operations"
Residential care homes
(elderly persons)
  • Licence of residential care home for the elderly
  • Practising certificate of healthcare professional (HCProf)
Residential care homes
(persons with disabilities)
  • Licence of residential care home for persons with disabilities / certificate of exemption of residential care home for persons with disabilities
  • Practising certificate of HCProf
Specified entity that engages a HCProf to perform healthcare at one premises
  • Business registration certificate / certificate of incorporation or any other document as a proof of establishment (organisation)
  • Practising certificate of HCProf