Registration forms

Form title / no. Description

Registration Form

Sample Form
Healthcare provider (HCP) registering with the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth)

Additional Healthcare Service Location (HSL) Form

Sample Form
Providing information of additional HSL (only applicable to HCP with more than one HSL)

HCP / HSL Amendment Form

Amending registered HCP / HSL information, adding / removing HSL, adding / replacing user administrator, adding / replacing HCP authorised person / HSL contact person, etc.

User Account Creation Request Form

User Account Creation Request Form
Creating account for user administrator, healthcare professional, patient registration staff, etc.

Withdrawal Request Form

Withdrawing HCP registration from eHealth

Letter of Declaration for HCP Acting as Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) of Healthcare Recipient (HCR)

Letter of Declaration for HCP Acting as SDM of HCR (Chinese version only)
HCP registering with eHealth as an SDM on behalf of patient(s)


You may contact the Electronic Health Record Registration Office at (852) 3467 6230 or email for assistance.

Underpaid mail items will be rejected. Please pay sufficient postage to ensure mail items can duly reach us.