Documentation at eHRSS

Inputting Allergy and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Records

Healthcare professionals (HCProfs) may now document their patients' Allergy and ADR records via eHRSS starting from October 2018.

The new Allergy and ADR input module can be accessed via the eHR Viewer by medical practitioners, registered or enrolled nurses and registered dentists of Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) healthcare providers (HCPs). The function aims to enhance medication safety by encouraging HCPs' sharing of patients' allergy and ADR records via eHRSS.

Who can Access the Allergy and ADR Input Module?

All HCPs are given access to the Allergy and ADR input module except those that are already uploading allergy and ADR records to eHRSS or those that are technically ready to do so. Access to the module will be granted to eligible HCPs by default. Prior enrollment or set up is not required.

HCProfs who have joined Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programmes of the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health can also access the module via the respective PPP applications.

What are the Core Features?

The new module provides the following user-friendly features –
1. Built-in smart search of allergen and ADR causative agent
2. Efficient documentation via selection panel
3. Update and deletion of a particular data entry in the record

How to Create a New Record?

Login eHR Viewer or PPP programme profile, then click the “View / Add Allergy & ADR” button in the patient panel.

Create a New Record

Click either the “+ Allergy” or “+ ADR” button to create a new allergy or ADR record.

Create a New Record

Search for the “Allergen” or “ADR Causative Agent” by keyword search.

Create a New Record

Input the clinical manifestation by keyword search or by selecting the checkboxes from the quick list provided, and key in additional information as required. Then click “Save” to store the record in eHRSS.

Create a New Record

The new record will then be shown on the eHR Viewer immediately for sharing.

A quick guide and a detailed user guide on the new function are now available at the eHRSS portal for HCProfs’ easy reference (User Documents - User Guide for Allergy and ADR Input Module).