Easy Registration with eHRSS for PPI-ePR Participants

With the launch of the territory-wide Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS), the Public-Private Interface–Electronic Patient Record Sharing Pilot Project (PPI-ePR) will be gradually phasing out as a pilot.

To facilitate PPI-ePR participants to continue sharing electronic health records, from mid-December 2018, SMS invitations will be sent to PPI-ePR participants* to invite them to register with eHRSS via the ‘Easy Registration’ website https://ppimig.ha.org.hk.

If you are a PPI-ePR participant*, you can complete the registration in 3 simple steps –

1. On the SMS invitation (PDF version) received via your mobile phone number registered in PPI-ePR, click the link which directs you to the Easy Registration website.


2. Input you mobile phone number and PPI-ePR Access Key number at the Easy Registration website to submit application.


3. You will receive an SMS notification to confirm successful registration.



Alternatively, you can choose to join eHRSS through existing means.

* SMS invitations will be sent to PPI-ePR participants who are aged 16 or above and have not registered with eHRSS. PPI-ePR participants under age 16 could register with eHRSS through existing means.

Please read the following documents to understand more about eHRSS –

  1. Guide for Healthcare Recipient (PDF version)
  2. Participant Information Notice (HTML version, PDF version)
  3. Personal Information Collection Statement (for Healthcare Recipient and Substitute Decision Maker) (HTML version, PDF version)
  4. Privacy Policy Statement (HTML version, PDF version)

For enquiry, you can contact the Electronic Health Record Registration Office –

Tel : 3467 6220/ 3467 6300
Fax : 3467 6099
Email : ehr@ehealth.gov.hk
Address : Unit 1193, 11/F, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Please download Adobe Reader to view the PDF file

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