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eHRSS and You - Joining as HCRs

Training on eHR and Onsite Registration Campaign at HA/DH Clinics

The Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) is now in operation and its implementation can benefit healthcare recipients (HCRs) and patients in many ways. If you haven’t joined the eHRSS yet, here are some basic tips to help you understand the system and how to register.

The eHRSS is an information technology infrastructure in Hong Kong that allows different healthcare providers (HCPs) to access and share patients’ health records with patients’ consent for healthcare-related purposes.
It is a Government-led, territory-wide and patient-oriented electronic sharing platform in Hong Kong, allowing two-way sharing of electronic health record (eHR) among public and private healthcare providers.
Principles of eHR Sharing
The eHRSS operates in a very well-governed environment. Besides a legal framework that protects data and system security, there are also code of practice and guidelines in place on how to use it for the best interest of patients. All these have been built on some fundamental principles:
Participation by both patients and HCPs is voluntary.
To protect data privacy:
- Both patients and HCPs concerned have to be participants of the eHRSS;
- Patients’ eHR data is not viewable by all eHRSS participating HCPs by default;
- Patients have to give sharing consent to individual HCPs in order for the HCPs to access and share their eHR.
Only health data falling within the pre-defined scope will be shared.
eHR data will only be accessed on “patient-under-care” and “need-to-know” basis.
Benefits to Patient
The eHRSS makes available more comprehensive, timely and accurate information for healthcare, allowing better integration of patient information from multiple sources.
Benefits of eHRSS to patients include:
  All health-related information contained in a secure record in electronic format
  Timely treatment provided by HCPs
  Improved accuracy of diagnosis and disease management
  Continuity of care by different HCPs
  Better coordination of different aspects of patient care
  More efficient and effective use of diagnostic tests
  Reducing errors, avoiding repeated tests and saving costs
eHRSS Registration
Joining the eHRSS is entirely voluntary and free-of-charge. Patients can withdraw from the eHRSS at any time.
Patients can register to the eHRSS as healthcare recipients (HCRs) through the following ways:
In person registration
  Not in person registration
You may visit any eHR Registration Centres in Hospital Authority (HA) or Department of Health (DH), the eHR Registration Office, or eHR Registration Centres of private HCPs providing healthcare to you.   Step 1: Submit application

You may submit online application or complete the registration form and return it by fax, mail or drop-in box to the eHR Registration Office (Unit 1193, 11/F, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong; Fax: 3467-6099).

Step 2: Activate electronic health record*

You may then activate your record when you next visit a registered private HCP (not only eHR registration centres) providing healthcare to you, and to give sharing consent to this private HCP at the same time. You may also activate your record at any eHR Registration Centres in HA or DH, or the eHR Registration Office.

For in person registration   For not in person registration
(*Please note that activation is an important privacy protection measure that authenticates your identity to start sharing your electronic health record in the eHRSS.)
For registration details, registration form, list of registration centres and participating HCPs, please visit the eHRSS website:
Online Submission
CMS 3.0  Online submission is only applicable to applicants who are holders of Hong Kong Identity Card aged 16 or above.
CMS 3.0   Online submission is available round-the-clock.
CMS 3.0  
Easy submission: it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
Step 1 - Input personal particulars
Step 2 - Confirm and submit
Step 3 - Save or print acknowledgement
CMS 3.0   After submission, you may activate your record at a time and location convenient to you
For more information, please click following link:
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