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Further Publicity for eHRSS and New eHR Viewer Data Sharing Feature

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The second series of promotional materials on the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) is ready for release as part of the publicity drive recently launched for the system. Meanwhile, a new feature will soon be introduced to the eHR Viewer to facilitate the sharing of essential health information to eHRSS.

The latest series of promotional materials, prepared by the Electronic Health Record Office (eHR Office), aims to enhance the public’s understanding on eHRSS and to promote streamlined measures on patient registration.
Printed Collaterals
Newly designed items have been produced to facilitate the public to easily grasp the fundamentals of eHRSS, streamlined registration procedures and new features related to patient registration. These items are:

Booklet -
A new guide for healthcare recipient registration will be released shortly for the public’s handy reference. Contents cover basic concepts and benefits of eHRSS, scope of sharable data, registration methods for different user groups and other relevant information, such as means for making data access requests.

Leaflets -
Two sets of leaflets promoting the streamlined patient registration methods and sharing consent management using the Access Key are produced for distribution to the public through eHR Registration Centres and various healthcare locations.

Booklet and Leaflets
Poster -
A poster highlighting important notes for substitute decision makers (SDMs) when they handle registration matters for patients has been produced for SDM’s information at eHR Registration Centres.
eHrss say: more videos are coming
Promotional Videos
A new set of videos will soon be released at the eHRSS website. Topics include-
-   Patient registration by SDMs  
-   Patient registration by Authorised Persons  
-   Guide for healthcare providers (HCPs) on patient registration  
-   Benefits of eHRSS in Public-Private Partnership programmes  
-   The vision of Stage Two eHRSS Development  

Please visit https://www.ehealth.gov.hk/en/publicity_promotion/ehr_ video.html for viewing the uploaded and upcoming videos.

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New Data Sharing Feature on eHR Viewer

Drug allergic reactions may be effectively avoided by checking patients’ drug allergy and adverse drug reaction (ADR) records. In view of the paramount importance of allergy and ADR records to clinical care and patient safety, an input module in the eHR Viewer for adding and editing such records is being developed and targeted to be launched in the last quarter of 2018. This new feature will enable HCPs of eHRSS, especially doctors in solo practice who are not equipped with local electronic medical record systems for data upload to eHRSS, to share their patients’ relevant records to the system via the eHR Viewer for reference by other healthcare professionals.

More details will be featured in the next issue of eHealth News.

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