Setting : Public Hospital Accident and Emergency Department
Casts : Doctor Mok, Roy (around 30 years old) and Stan (3 years old)
  Doctor Mok, wearing a suit with a stethoscope over the neck, walked past the lobby of Accident and Emergency Department.
  At this moment, Roy rushed in with a child in his arms. He looked anxious.
  Doctor Mok stopped Roy as they walked past.

Doctor Mok : Hey Roy!
Roy : (Surprised and relieved) Oh hey, Dr. Mok!
Doctor Mok : (sees Stan) This kiddo looks sick!
Roy : Yeah – this is my son, Stan. This morning I found him covered with red spots, and he was wheezing. My wife is out of town, so I’m Mr. Dad for these few days, and it just freaked me out!
Doctor Mok : Well, naturally, the parent will be worry when the kid gets sick.
Roy : Uh’s so worrying and frustrating. Stan has always gotten sick pretty easily. We usually take him to a private doctor, but that doctor’s office is closed this weekend. I was so worried about him, so I brought him here to the public hospital to see a doctor. But…

Few hours ago:
Nurse : Sir, are you aware of any allergic reactions that your son might have to any medication?
Roy : (Hesitates) Normally my wife takes care of all this stuff, so I’m not sure…
Nurse : We don’t have your son’s medical record because he has never been seen by a doctor at a public hospital…why don’t you take a seat and give it some thought.
Roy : Hmm...(blinks, remembers something) Oh I know! We’ve got some left over medicines from the last time he was sick. I’ll go home and grab it so you can have a look!

Back to the present:
Roy : So I rushed home to get the medicine – it took me a whole hour rushing back and forth between my flat and back here!
Doctor Mok : (Chuckles) My goodness! That must be quite a hassle! It would have been much easier if Stan was a patient in a public medical facility, where we can share health record including allergy history or even old X-ray. With such, doctors can make prompt diagnosis and provide accurate treatment. Unfortunately, the private and public sectors are not linked at this point. When a new patient seeks our help, we may not have the benefit of completed medical record.
Roy : (Agrees) Yeah - Stan had never been here before – it’s his first time today, so how could they have his medical records?
Doctor Mok : (Concerned) Does he have asthma? It looks like he’s having an attack!
Roy : (Scared) Yes he has asthma…oh man, what do I do?
Doctor Mok : Here, come right this way with me.

Setting: Outside the hospital
Doris : Who would have thought so much could happen when I go away for just a few days!
Roy : (Sighs) I couldn’t have guessed that Stan would get sick on a Sunday, the same day that Dr Chan’s office was closed. We were just lucky we made it to the public hospital in time!
Doris : What are we going to do when Stan gets sick again and Dr Chan’s office is closed? Only Dr Chan has his detailed medical records. Would we have to take him to the hospital again?
Roy : Well, I guess with the eHR, I’ll be able to take Stan to any doctor and they’ll be able to access his medical records. It’ll be so much more convenient!
Doris : Convenience is great, but I’m just worried it’s going to be so convenient that anyone can access my medical records.
Roy : Huh. I hope not...(turn head) Hey, what are the security measures like for this electronic platform? How are you going to control who can see my records? If I share my information through the system, does that mean anyone can see it?

Setting: Hospital Ward
Doctor Mok : Hi,Roy,Doris!Don’t worry. Of course not! We’ve done all our homework to make sure the system is secure and protected – you can be confident that your information is safe with us…Hello, Roy, Doris!
Roy & Doris : Dr Mok!
Doctor Mok : Is Stan ready to be discharged?
Roy : Yes, the doctor has just given us the OK!
Doris : Dr. Mok, you were talking about security…
Doctor Mok : Don’t worry! You have voluntary to participate in the system. Healthcare professionals cannot access your health record or any other confidential information without your consent. (Doris opens the locker with a key as she listens)
Doctor Mok : Without your consent and proper authorization, access to system will be denied.
Doris : So our personal information is always kept safe, secure, and confidential
Roy : (to Stan) Now Stan, you must be tired of being in the hospital. We have a few tickets to the theme park; do you want to come with daddy and mommy?
Stan : Yes I do!
Doctor Mok : The e-HR is just like that – it needs you and medical professionals in Hong Kong to say yes!
Roy : I feel so much more confident about this e-HR after having heard Dr Mok talk about it.
Doctor Mok : (Pats Roy’s bag) Now, no matter where you go, your medical records will go with you!

Setting: Hospital Lobby
Roy : Stan is fine now! We’re ready to go home.
Doris : (to Roy) With the eHR, even if Stan gets sick while one of us is out of town, it will be so much easier to take him to the doctor!
Roy : Yup – we won’t need to hustle around trying to get our medical records, and the doctors will be able to help straight away!
Grandma : And I won’t need to suffer through test after test

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