Importance of privacy and security issues

Setting : Public Hospital Consultation Room
Casts : Doctor,Grandma, Nurse, Doctor Mok
  A doctor is seeing Grandma

Doctor : M’am, I’m going to…
Grandma : (Interrupts) Wait! (takes out various bags of pills and shows the doctor) I’m ready this time—I brought all the medicines that the doctor at the private hospital had given to me. Here you go
Doctor : (Smiles, but a bit exasperated) M’am, there are lots of pills here. Do you remember how long you had to take each kind of medicine for?
Grandma : …(Frustrated) Um...I’ve been taking these for so long, and sometimes the instructions are a bit different...I just don’t remember it all...
Doctor : I’m afraid I will have to re-examine you again. (signals to nurse to approach)

△A nurse approaches with blood taking needle
Grandma : (Afraid) Another blood test? I just had a blood test at the other private hospital a couple of days ago, and I’d rather not have a second!
Doctor : I’m sorry, but we’re a public hospital and we don’t have access to blood test results from a private hospital, so we will have to test your blood again to make sure everything is right.

△Doctor Mok walks in
Doctor Mok : (To Grandma) Trust me, things would be much simpler when we have the e-HR! For the time being, only hospitals and clinics managed by the Hospital Authority are able to share medical records. However, when the e-HR is implemented in 2013 to 2014, patients may be able to share their medical records between public and private healthcare service providers. At that point, it doesn’t matter whether you are at a public or private clinic; as long as you and the healthcare service provider are part of the system, your doctor will be able to access your medical record. In such case, things will be relatively easy! (Laughs, pats Grandma on the shoulder) And more importantly, you don’t have to repeat unnecessary tests and exams!
    eHealth Record – Continuity of Care for You
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