Scope of electronic health record (eHR) sharable data

Only eHR information necessary and beneficial for continuity of quality healthcare will be shared. Data access is restricted to pre-defined scope of eHR sharable data and those fall outside eHR sharable scope will not be shared (e.g. some detailed out-patient consultation notes).

Principles for defining the scope of eHR sharable data:

  • Take into account the clinical need of healthcare professionals to provide healthcare services.
  • eHR information should be as complete and integral as possible to maintain the quality of healthcare.
  • Scope of sharable eHR data will be introduced by phases, to tie in with technical capability and the use of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) by healthcare provider (HCP).


Frequently asked questions

  • How is the "sharable data" defined?
    1. Sharable scope is defined based on clinical need and data readiness in respective healthcare providers' computer medical systems.
    2. Sharing of such data within the sharable scope should be essential for providing healthcare to the patients.
    3. It was defined in the Domain Groups established under the Steering Committee on Electronic Health Record Sharing in Electronic Health Record Office, with wide range of stakeholders and expertise representation. The scope of sharable data will be reviewed from time to time.
  • Is the data in eHealth accurate?

    Clinical accuracy of data relies on the healthcare providers and healthcare professionals who collect and document in the course of providing care to the patients. It is the obligation of healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of their patients.

    Although users of 醫健通eHealth App can also input and upload the health data (e.g. vaccination records, blood pressure and blood sugar records, Body Mass Index, as well as waist circumference) to eHRSS via the App, the health data contributed by users do not replace the individual health data records kept by respective healthcare providers.

    While the healthcare providers should be responsible for verifying the accuracy of all health data uploaded to eHealth, the Commissioner for the Electronic Health Record has devised a series of measures to ensure the quality of data shared in eHealth, including the development of Code of Practice for Using eHR for Healthcare, recognised standards for data sharing and system security policies and control procedures.

  • When will radiology image be shared in eHealth?

    The Hospital Authority begins sharing radiology images to eHealth in early 2021.

    Private sector HCPs (hospitals or radiology centres) also began sharing radiology images in late 2021. HCPs must develop an interface and complete testing with eHealth for sharing radiology images.

    Department of Health is currently developing the necessary infrastructure for radiology image sharing.