The "Chinese Medicine Clinic Improvement Funding Scheme" (the Scheme) under the Enterprise Support Programme of the Chinese Medicine Development Fund (CMDF) is now open for applications. The Scheme aims to provide applicants with financial support for enhancing medical record systems, improving safety and hygiene of clinical practices, as well as reinforcing infection control facilities related to infectious diseases, with a view to safeguarding the health of staff and patients of Chinese Medicine (CM) clinics and providing quality-assured CM services for the public.

The "Chinese Medicine Information System (CMIS) On-ramp" developed by the Electronic Health Record Office of the Health Bureau has been included under the categories of "List of Eligible Clinics Facilities". Priority will be given to eligible CM clinics which opt to install "CMIS On-ramp" in considering the applications.

For more details about the Scheme and application, please visit the CMDF webpage.

The $500 million CMDF was launched in June 2019 to promote the development of the CM sector and CM drug industry, and to enhance the overall standard of the industry. Enterprise Support Programme is one of the main areas of the CMDF. It mainly offers matching fund to practitioners and institutions to facilitate the development of CM industry in Hong Kong. The CMDF is managed by the CM Unit of the Health Bureau, with the Hong Kong Productivity Council serving as the implementation partner.