eHealth Stage Two Development - eHealth Mobile App

Elderly person: I have a follow-up medical appointment tomorrow
Have I used up my health care vouchers?
Super: Follow-up medical appointment
10:00am tomorrow
Mother: My son's vaccination appointment should be soon
MVO: Register with eHealth and download the eHealth app
and these records can be viewed at a glance!
Elderly person: I can check my health care voucher records anytime
Super: Check Health Care Voucher Records
Mother: We can view our own and our children's vaccination records which include COVID-19 vaccination records
Super: View Vaccination Records
MVO: and use other functions like searching for doctors
and viewing medication records
Super: Doctor Search
Health Information
Electronic Health Records
Reminders for Medical Appointments
MVO: The eHealth app
A new mode for managing your health
Don't wait. Download it now!
Super: eHealth app logo eHealth search bar
Hotline: (852) 3467
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