Private healthcare providers (HCPs) may face a number of complex management and administrative challenges in running their clinics in the absence of a clinical management system (CMS). To facilitate HCPs to manage their clinical records and workflows, the following two systems have been developed by the Government and are provided to HCPs for free.

Designed as a turn-key CMS for the local private clinic environment, CMS On-ramp provides low investment cost access for private solo or group practice HCPs.

It supports the administrative operations and clinical management of clinics, ranging from patient registration and appointment, clinical documentation, prescriptions and dispensary to inventory control. What's more, it enables HCPs registered with the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) to share patients' clinical data to eHealth with patients' sharing consent.

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The use of Chinese medicine (CM) in integrated treatment is gaining increasing recognition and popularity amongst the general public. Stage two development of eHealth includes the broadening of sharable scope to cover CM data.

To pave the way for CM information sharing, a turn-key CMS similar to "CMS On-ramp" named "EC Connect", has been developed and are provided for free adoption by CM clinics.

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