Take care of your gadgets

Mobile devices bring great convenience to our daily life but also increase the risks of data leakage. A stolen or lost mobile device / portable storage (for example, smartphone, USB flash drive or notebook computer) with unprotected storage may cause data leakage.


  1. Keep the devices with you at all times or store them securely.
  2. Enable encryption option on mobile devices and backup software, if available.
  3. Download and install mobile apps from trusted sources only and keep the mobile apps up-to-date.
  4. Consider setting up remote wipe feature to allow removing all data from the devices if lost.
  5. Securely erase all data and settings before decommissioning the devices.
  6. Do not allow wireless connections from unknown or un-trusted sources to connect to your devices.
  7. Lock the devices with password / bio-metrics authentication and enable auto-lock with proper idle time.
Securing Mobile Devices