1. Act as an executive arm to support the following groups in areas relating to development, endorsement, promotion, implementation, licensing and maintenance of health information standards

    • Working Group on the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) Record & Information Standards
    • Coordinating Group on Electronic Health Record (eHR) Content & Information Standards
    • Domain Group on eHR Content & Information Standards
  2. Report to the Working Group on eHR Data and Information Standards (eHR IS WG) on the monitoring of the use of the health information standards to ensure the compliance of these health information standards as approved by the eHR IS WG

  3. Act as a release centre to liaise with the standards development organisations on using, sublicensing, distributing and maintaining various health information standards being used in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region eHR

  4. Extend the standards developed by various standards development organisations in accordance to the license agreement to meet the local requirement

  5. Develop relevant tools for managing various health information standards