If a patient has submitted an the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) application online or in writing (i.e. fax, post or drop-in box), an healthcare providers only needs to perform the following steps to access the patient's electronic health record (eHR).

Step 1

Ask the patient to insert his / her smart Hong Kong identity card (HKIC) to the HKIC reader, or input his / her particulars to the system (for non-HKIC holder) and verify the patient's identity document

Step 2

Verify the patient's contact information and obtain sharing consent from him / her in one go which serves to activate his / her eHR

Successful identity verification

  • eHRs within the eHealth sharable scope would normally be shared to the system in around 30 minutes
  • The patient will receive a confirmation notification through his / her selected communication means (SMS / email / post)


Activate patient's eHR and obtain sharing consent