Upon completion of registration, a Hong Kong identity card (HKIC) reader will be posted to healthcare provider (HCP) who is encouraged to use it for patient registration, record activation and obtaining sharing consent to access the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth), so as to enhance the accuracy of capturing patient's personal particulars stored in the smart HKIC.

Technically, eHealth requires Java to interface with the card reader.


Actions to take for card reader failure

  1. Check whether the smart HKIC is properly inserted into the HKIC reader
  2. Ensure that the chip of the smart HKIC is facing up
  3. Wipe the chip of the smart HKIC gently to clean, then insert the smart HKIC into the HKIC reader properly again
  4. Alternatively, you may manually input the patient's information into the system
  5. eHealth user administrator of the HCP can make request for replacement of malfunctioning HKIC reader to the Electronic Health Record (eHR) Registration Office via email ehr@ehealth.gov.hk
  6. Contact the eHealth 24-hour healthcare staff hotline at 3467 6230 for other HKIC reader issues



Frequently asked questions

  • Why is there a prompt for me to update Java every few months?

    Java updates are released every few months. With every new updates (since Java JRE 7u10), Oracle would issue a reminder to users that the previous Java version has expired and a new version is available for update. You are allowed to select "Update", "Block" or "Later" to continue. We recommend you to select "Update" to keep the Java JRE up to date to minimise your workstation's security vulnerabilities.

    Java Update Needed

    You have three options:

    • <Update (recommended)> button: Update Java and this may take some time. After the update, this prompt will not show up again till the next update is available.
    • <Block> button: Block Java. The HKIC Reader will not function.
    • <Later> button: Run Java without update. This prompt will show up again next time when Java is used. You can check the <Do not ask again until the next update is available> box and the prompt will not appear until the next update is available.
  • How can I check the Java version on my PC (Windows 10)?
    1. Open <Control Panel> from <Start> menu.
    2. Select <Programs>.
    3. Select <Java>
      Select Java
    4. Click <About>
      Click About
    5. Java version is displayed as below.
      Java version
  • Can I use Microsoft Edge browser if I want to use HKIC reader to read the smart HKIC?

    Yes, you can use Microsoft Edge browser if you want to use HKIC reader to read the smart HKIC.

  • Why is the use of card reader to read smart HKIC seems to be slower than before?

    There was reported performance problem related to Java 8 Update 60 (8u60) which led to slow responses when starting up devices such as HKIC readers. Oracle has resolved this problem with Java 8 Update 74 (8u74). You are recommended to upgrade to Java 8 Update 74 (8u74) or later to avoid the performance issue.