The Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) news aims to provide updates on the latest development on electronic health record sharing and encourage the public's participation in the eHealth.

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Issue No 24 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 24 (Nov 2023)

【Message from the Pharmacist】 Remote Consultation Service Leverages on eHealth to Assist Citizens in Medication Reconciliation

Issue No 23 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 23 (Mar 2023)

【Message from Doctor】 Doctors and Patients Leverage on eHealth to Combat Heart Disease Together

Issue No 22 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 22 (Jan 2022)

Utilising 醫健通eHealth App for Health Management

Issue No 21 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 21 (Mar 2021)

Empowering Your Health Management with 醫健通eHealth App

Issue No 20 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 20 (Jun 2020)

Embarking on a New Healthcare Service Mode in District Health Centre through eHRSS

Issue No 19 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 19 (Nov 2019)

Cyber Security in Healthcare

Issue No 18 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 18 (Apr 2019)

In Support of Continuous and Holistic Care

Issue No 17 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 17 (Dec 2018)

eHRSS for Allied Healthcare Professionals

Issue No 16 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 16 (Jul 2018)

Integrating and Advancing Community Healthcare through eHRSS

Issue No 15 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 15 (Mar 2018)

Understanding Stakeholders' Needs on Patient Portal

Issue No 14 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 14 (Dec 2017)

Medical-Social Collaboration: Better Synergy with eHRSS

Issue No 13 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 13 (Aug 2017)

Public-Private Collaboration Through eHRSS

Issue No 12 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 12 (Mar 2017)

Legislators Take a Closer Look at eHRSS' Benefits for the Elderly

Issue No 11 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 11 (Dec 2016)

Transcending the Boundaries of Healthcare

Issue No 10 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 10 (Aug 2016)

Boarding the "Train" of eHR Sharing

Issue No 9 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 9 (Mar 2016)

HKMA's Three-Pronged Approach to Drive eHR Adoption and Sharing among Doctors

Issue No 8 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 8 (Nov 2015)

Gearing up Clinical Management Systems for eHR Sharing

Issue No 7 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 7 (May 2015)

GOPC PPP in Focus

Issue No 6 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 6 (Dec 2014)

Hand in Hand - Towards the New Era of eHealth

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Issue No 5 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 5 (Aug 2014)

Gear Up for eHealth Record Sharing

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Issue No 4 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 4 (Mar 2014)

Safeguard eHealth Record Sharing with Legislation

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Issue No 3 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 3 (Nov 2013)

Experiencing Electronic Medical Record Systems

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Issue No 2 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 2 (July 2013)

Applying eHealth Technology

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Issue No 1 (Thumbnail)

Issue No 1 (Mar 2013)

Vision of eHealth Record Sharing

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