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International award and presence for eHRSS   further feature   ehrss updates
Easy Registration with eHRSS for PPI-ePR Participants
Invitations to PPI-ePR participants to join eHRSS
  Measures to Register with eHRSS Using New Smart HKICs
eHRSS registration using new smart identity cards
  eHRSS Updates
Latest eHRSS activities
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STH’s and eHR sharing
New Healthcare Possibilities with eHRSS
STH and eHR sharing
Professional healthcare through eHRSS
eHRSS for Allied Healthcare Professionals
Professional healthcare through eHRSS
New eHR Viewer data sharing feature
Inputting Allergy and Adverse Drug Reaction Records via eHR Viewer
New eHR Viewer data sharing feature

Explanation of WCAG 2.0 Level Double-A Conformance