Healthcare providers (HCPs) can complete the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) registration in 3 simple steps and it is free of charge.

1. Complete form and prepare documents

2. Submit application

Submit the application to the Electronic Health Record (eHR) Registration Office (RO) by one of the following channels:

(852) 3467 6099

Unit 1102, 11/F, Harbourside HQ, 8 Lam Chak Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

3. Technical set up

Install application Upon receipt of the application acceptance and notice for technical set up, schedule an appointment with the eHealth technical support team for technical set up at HSL. Technical requirements

User administrator and other user accounts User administrator is responsible for creating user accounts for the HCP's staff members. Sample of User Account Creation Request Form
To add or replace user administrator, please submit the "HCP/HSL Amendment Form" to eHR RO.
How to manage user accounts

Upon completion of registration, you will receive:

Confirmation email

eHealth label for display at HSLs

Hong Kong identity card reader for patient registration

Technical advice on eHealth connection

HCP register

After successful registration, name of HCP, address of registered service location and contact phone number will be published on the HCP register at the eHealth website for public's view.

eHealth label will be provided for HCP's display at its premises to indicate eHealth participation.

Search for registered HCP

13 HCProf groups specified in the Electronic Health Record Sharing System Ordinance (Cap. 625) (eHRSSO)

eHealth registration is HCP-based. If the HCP you work for has joined eHealth, you may need to obtain authorisation to access eHealth from your HCP. In addition, you will need to maintain an active professional registration status with respective professional boards and councils.

  • Medical practitioner (doctor), dentist, midwife, nurse, pharmacist, medical laboratory technologist, occupational therapist, part I optometrist, radiographer, physiotherapist, dental hygienist, chiropractor and Chinese medicine practitioner
  • To access eHealth, HCProfs with valid registration status can apply to their working HCPs for creation of eHealth accounts
Starter guide for HCProfs

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Frequently asked questions

  • What the organisation should do if it would like to register in eHealth?

    Any HCP who would like to register in eHealth should:

    1. Contact eHR RO for more information regarding administrative and technical arrangement.
    2. Read the eHRSSO, the Code of Practice for Using eHR for Healthcare (COP), and Conditions of Registration to understand related responsibilities and expected practices for participation.
  • We are a group practice with satellite clinics all over Hong Kong, is it possible for us to register some of our clinics in eHealth only?
    1. eHealth registration is HCP (organisation) basis.
    2. HCPs can register all or some of the healthcare institution / clinic locations (or HSLs) providing care under its supervision to join eHealth.
    3. HCPs will be responsible for administrative arrangement, supervision and monitoring of eHR access by its HCProfs and sharing of records via their clinical computer record system at all registered locations.
  • I am working in solo practice which is a small clinic. Although I support the idea of eHealth and eHR sharing, I have no spare capacity and resource to set up patient registration function in my clinic. Can I still register in eHealth?
    1. HCPs fulfilling certain conditions will be allowed to perform the registration procedures to help their patients to join eHealth.
    2. eHR Office does not expect all HCPs, especially that HCP in solo-practice or small group practice, to be responsible for patient registration function.
    3. They can inform patients to enrol eHealth via mail, internet or in person at designated eHR registration centres for registration (list of registration centres can be found here).
    4. HCPs are welcome to join eHealth notwithstanding whether they perform patient registration function.
  • I have my own clinic and I am also a visiting medical officer (VMO) in some private hospitals, should I register myself as a HCP or a HCProf under my clinic or the private hospitals?
    1. eHealth registration is HCP (organisation) basis. For the clinic owned by the doctor, the clinic (e.g. Dr Chan Tai Man Clinic) should be registered as a HCP.
    2. HCProfs (e.g. doctors and nurses) working under the HCP (the Clinic) shall maintain an authorised user accounts through their HCP to use eHealth.
    3. If the doctor (e.g. Dr Chan Tai Man in this case) also needs to access eHR of patients in another HCP, e.g. in private hospital as a VMO, Dr Chan Tai Man needs to open a user account via the private hospital with eHealth as well.
    4. Despite a HCProf may have separate user accounts under different HCPs (e.g. in this case under a clinic and a private hospital), in order to streamline the authentication process for eHR, each HCProf can use the same log-in password for authentication at different HCPs (i.e. clinic or hospital).
  • My clinic is not ready to share record to eHealth, can my clinic join?
    1. HCPs and HCProfs are welcome to join eHealth and view their patients' eHR in eHealth even they do not use any electronic medical record system and have no health record to be shared to eHealth yet.
    2. However, it is still advisable for HCPs and HCProfs to explore implementation or upgrade of their record systems for sharing.
    3. There are software solutions available in the market. eHR Office also has developed simple Clinical Management Systems (CMS On-Ramp software package and CMS Adaptation Modules) for private sectors to facilitate computerisation of their record systems and make health information of their patients sharable in eHealth in the long run.
Healthcare provider registration