Management of Healthcare Recipient Index

Healthcare Recipient Index (HRI) is a list of personal identification and demographic data for all healthcare recipients who join the Hong Kong territory-wide the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth). To allow the sharing of the health records of healthcare recipients, a HRI must be established whereby each piece of health data can be linked to an individual uniquely and accurately.

This document introduces the content and standards of HRI for eHealth of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). It should be read in conjunction with the eHR Content Standards Guidebook and its Appendix I on "Person" and related codex developed by the eHR Information Standards Office. It provides the general principles in maintaining and improving the quality of the eHR HRI. These principles apply to healthcare recipient enrolment procedures and any designated eHR enrolment office where the HRI is updated.

To support an effective data sharing among healthcare providers (HCPs) and eHealth, HCPs are encouraged to adopt the standard practice for local patient registration.

Management of Healthcare Recipient Index


Management of Healthcare Recipient data by HCPs

The document introduces the management of Healthcare Recipient (HCR) data by HCPs who are registered to eHealth of HKSAR.

When the HCR registered to eHealth and gave sharing consent to the HCPs, HCR's health data would be shared among the eHealth and the HCP. The sharing of health data includes (i) viewing the HCR's sharable data in eHealth, (ii) contributing the HCR's eHR through uploading the readily sharable health data in HCPs' electronic medical / patient record (eMR / ePR) system to eHealth, and (iii) downloading the HCR's allergy / adverse drug reaction data from eHealth to eMR / ePR system.

This document provides the general principles on how (i) the HCR's eHR registration status, (ii) the changes of the HCR's identification data at HCP's eMR or eHealth, and (iii) the HCR's record accuracy at the HCP, will impact the sharing of health data in eHealth. Workflows on managing the data of HCR within the eMR / ePR system in HCP are also recommended to facilitate the data sharing at the eHealth.

Management of Healthcare Recipient Data by Healthcare Providers


Management of Healthcare Staff Index

The Healthcare Staff Index (HCSI) is a listing of the personal identification record of healthcare staff, including healthcare professional and healthcare administrative / ancillary staff, who take part in eHealth of HKSAR. It is used to identify and authenticate individual healthcare staff who can access eHealth.

Standard operation on registration of healthcare staff is crucial for the correct identification of healthcare staff and user authentication in eHealth. This document introduces the content and standards of HCSI. It also provides the general principles in maintaining the data quality of HCSI. These principles are applied to the workflow of registration and maintenance of healthcare staff information in HCSI.

Management of Healthcare Staff Index