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Fun Quiz - Chance to Win a Prize

Pair them up

Test your knowledge about the development of the eHRSS! Simply match the descriptions to the pictures by drawing straight lines to pair them up. You can find clues in this issue of eHealth News. Winners will receive a prize, while stocks last.The deadline for submission is over. The correct answers are indicated as below.

Pick four phrases that have appropriate pictures to go along with
On-site Registration Campaign answer drawing FAQ
Healthcare Professionals On-site Registration Campaign
FAQ Healthcare Recipients
Mobile Team Uniform Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare Recipients Mobile Team Uniform
Join the quiz
To join the quiz, please print out this page, mark your answers, and fill out the required information. Completed entries should be returned by fax at 2300 7921 or email to “enquiry@ehealth.gov.hk” on or before 29 April 2016.
After the closing date (29 April 2016), you can check the correct answers in the newsletter posted at the eHRSS website. The personal particulars and contact information collected in this fun quiz will only be used to notify then winners and send the prizes. All personal data collected in this fun quiz will not be disclosed to any third parties and will be deleted by the eHR Office two weeks after all prizes have been sent.
eHRSS: The New World of Healthcare
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eHRSS: The New World of Healthcare
CMS On-ramp Goes Live
eHRSS: The New World of Healthcare
Dr Ko Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health, talks about his vision and expectations for the eHRSS
HKMA Three-Pronged Approach
HKMA’s Three-Pronged Approach to Drive eHR Adoption and Sharing among Doctors
HKMA’s Initiatives: HKMA CMS Yuan Wang, HKMA CMS Nuwa and Messaging
U Lab Test Code System in eHR Programme
Application of Universal Laboratory Test Code System in Hong Kong eHR Programme
Tools and Approaches for the Adoption of LOINC
eHRSS Made Easy
eHRSS Made Easy
Information on Common Concerns of Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Recipients
13 Healthcare Professional Groups can Access eHRSS
13 Healthcare Professional Groups can Access eHRSS
Healthcare Professionals Accessing eHRSS by Stages
Training on eHR and Onsite Registration Campaign at HA/DH Clinics
Training on eHR and On-site Registration Campaign at HA Outpatient Clinics / DH Clinics
Seminars on eHRSS were held and the On-site Registration Campaign will be rolled out
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