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New Publicity Drive for eHRSS

New eHRSS promotion materials and publicity activities

A new publicity drive has commenced to promote the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) and encourage participation in the system.


The publicity drive features a series of printed collaterals and promotional videos prepared by the Electronic Health Record (eHR) Office to raise awareness of eHRSS among the public and the healthcare sector.

Printed Collaterals and Publicity

To complement the roll-out of various enhancement measures in December 2017, a new series of printed collaterals introducing latest information about eHRSS is being designed and promoted through different channels.

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Public Posters, Water Bill Inserts, Child Registration Leaflets

Public Posters –
In December 2017, a new eHRSS poster was displayed at over 170 designated sites managed by the Information Services Department such as bus stations, pedestrian walkways and rental housing estates for public’s viewing.

Water Bill Inserts –
Between February and May 2018, a new flyer introducing eHRSS is being distributed through the Water Supplies Department as water bill inserts, estimated to reach over 1 million households in the territory.

Child Registration Leaflets –
In collaboration with the Department of Health, starting from February 2018, a specially designed leaflet for child registration targeted at parents of primary 1 students is being distributed at the service centres of the School Immunisation Teams and during their school visits to give immunisations.

Promotional Videos
Two sets of videos, targeting the public and healthcare providers (HCPs), have been released on the eHRSS website to provide user-friendly and simple illustrations about the key concepts and operations of eHRSS. The topics include -
  For public:
  -   Benefits of eHRSS: benefits of eHR sharing for the general public and participants of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programmes
  -   eHRSS Registration: how to join eHRSS and means of record activation
  -   Giving Sharing Consent: what sharing consent is about and how to manage sharing consent
  -   Data Access Request and Data Correction Request: how to obtain a copy of a patient’s own eHR and raise information correction requests
4 frame of promotional videos
  For HCPs:
  -   Benefits of eHRSS: benefits of eHR sharing for HCPs and participating doctors of PPP programmes
  -   eHRSS Registration: how to register with eHRSS as HCPs and related set up procedures
  -   Obtaining Sharing Consent: what sharing consent is about and how to obtain patients’ sharing consent
  -   eHR Viewer: how to access patient’s records in the system and types of information available for viewing
Please visit the eHRSS website for more videos.
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Public-Private Collaboration Through eHRSS
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