Fun Quiz

Choose the Right Answer

Here is a game to test your knowledge about the latest development of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth)! Please choose the correct answer under each question. Winners may win a prize (while stock lasts). (Hint: The answers can be found in this issue of eHealth News.)

The deadline for submission is over. The correct answers are indicated as below.

Question 1: Which of the followings is not the advantage of radiology image sharing?
Answer: The requirement of server and network are high for the implementation of the digitalisation of radiology image

Question 2: Which of the followings is not the online service being supported by 'iAM Smart'?
Answer: Register to apply for creation of healthcare professional’s eHealth account

Question 3: Which of the followings is not the latest function of 醫健通 eHealth App?
Answer: View part of the electronic health records

Question 4: What are the latest promotional activities of eHealth?
Answer: All of the above

Fun Quiz answer Fun Quiz answer