eHealth Updates

The Electronic Health Record (eHR) Office continued to publicise and engage the public and stakeholders in different sectors through a variety of promotional activities, with a view to bringing them up-to-date developments and enhancing their understanding of the eHR Sharing System (eHealth).

Promotion of the 醫健通eHealth App

To further promote the 醫健通eHealth App (App) launched in the first quarter of 2021, eHR Office encouraged all citizens from different age groups to register with eHealth and download the App to experience the new mode of health management through different promotional channels:

TV Announcements in the Public Interest (API) and radio API: Starting from 21 March 2021, the API presented with lovely and interesting animations were broadcasted in multiple TV and radio channels to introduce how to make use of the App to manage one’s health anytime anywhere.

Public transport: Followed by broadcasting on the TV channels, the API was also broadcasted on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in-train TV from April to June 2021. Passengers were able to see the promotion of the App on the bus bodies, MTR broadview banners and in-train TV from time to time, receiving messages about eHealth during their journeys.

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Online platform: By using digital promotion tools and social media platforms, more young people could be reached. During July to October 2021, the eHR Office promoted eHealth through some websites which were advocating healthy lifestyle, via the YouTube, Google search engine and Google Display Network, directing the internet users to promptly access the eHealth related websites to learn more about details of joining eHealth, registering online and downloading the App. Besides, the eHR Office regularly shared eHealth and health related news and information on its official Facebook page. Starting from July this year, the same posts were also shared on the official Instagram page.

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Newspaper: The eHR Office also continued to promote eHealth through the traditional media. News articles were published in Sing Pao and am730 in October and November 2021 to introduce the “authentication” and “e-ME” Form Filling functions of “iAM Smart” to complete eHealth online registration and identity verification easily, as well as immediate download of the App after creating an eHealth account successfully that enabled users to experience various practical functions in their daily life.

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Latest Promotional Posters and Leaflets

COVID-19 vaccination record QR code: The leaflet was distributed in venues providing COVID-19 vaccination services to citizens, introducing how to use the App for viewing and showing the COVID-19 vaccination record QR code anytime anywhere. For details, please refer to the related article “eHealth App Added New Functions for Health Management and Easier Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Records”.

Join eHealth through COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: The leaflet was distributed at the Community Vaccination Centres to parents, introducing the ways of joining eHealth for their children aged under 16 and viewing their COVID-19 vaccination records on the App.

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Radiology image sharing: The Poster introduced that public and private healthcare providers had started sharing radiology images by phases since March 2021 and the benefits. For details, please refer to the related article “Radiology Image Sharing in eHealth Benefits All”.

Health management Module of eHealth App: The poster and leaflet introduced the App’s new functions – Health Management Module, which allowed adding records of blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate, viewing detailed records and trend, setting reminder for measurement, as well as downloading and sharing reports. For details, please refer to “eHealth App Added New Functions for Health Management and Easier Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Records”.

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Community Roving Exhibition

To further promote eHealth in the community, the eHR Office held another community roving exhibition from 21 to 25 April 2021 at the D·Park in Tsuen Wan. In addition to display panels and short video broadcast, there was interactive game. Through the multimedia content, visitors could learn more about the latest development of eHealth. Many visitors also took the chance to register with eHealth and get the souvenirs. About 470 citizens successfully joined eHealth during the exhibition.

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Chatbot Service Launched in eHealth Website

Since end July 2021, the chatbot service “Ah Kin” had been launched in eHealth website. The general public, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers could chat with “Ah Kin” in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or English. “Ah Kin” could handle general enquiries, such as eHealth registration methods and sharable scope etc., that it was time-saving and convenient.

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Online Sharing Sessions on eHealth App

To enhance and refine the functions and user interface of the App, online sharing sessions were held in January, March and August 2021 to introduce the new features of the App. For examples, recording blood pressure and blood sugar indexes with the “Health Management Module” function, viewing the COVID-19 vaccination records and showing the vaccination QR code. Patient groups were also invited to share their comments after using the App from users’ perspective in order to collect their valuable opinions and feedback about the operation, interface and functions, etc. of the App.

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eHealth App Survey

Commissioned by the eHR Office, the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted a survey during October to December 2021 to understand the views from members of the public on the App in various aspects, so as to optimise the App and improve the service quality.

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