"Ah Kin" is a chatbot service on eHealth website, which helps to handle simple enquires from the public. The service supports the use of English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. You may find "Ah Kin" icon at the webpages below:


To start the chat, you may simply click "Ah Kin" icon at the bottom right corner on the screen and choose to ask one of the following question category:

  • About General Public
  • About Healthcare Professional
  • About Healthcare Provider


"Ah Kin" works on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies, and the response produced may not be accurate all the time. To continue improving the accuracy, we will strive to facilitate "Ah Kin" to learn different questions and suitable answers through the conversation with users.

To uphold data privacy, you should not provide any sensitive information during the conversation.

Please contact us should you need further assistance.