PPI-ePR (Thumbmail)
Public Private Interface–Electronic Patient Record Sharing Pilot Project (PPI-ePR)
  • One-way sharing from public to private sector launched in April 2006.
  • Patient flow and sharing of clinical information between the Hospital Authority (HA) and the private sector are utmost important for the success of Public-Private Partnership.
  • Through PPI-ePR, participating private healthcare providers can access their patients' medical records kept at HA upon patient's consent.
  • With the launch of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) on 13 March 2016, patient application in PPI-ePR is no longer accepted and processed.
  • With eHealth in smooth operation, PPI-ePR was decommissioned on 30 September 2020. To continue sharing electronic health records, PPI-ePR patients and healthcare providers or healthcare professionals are invited to register with eHealth.

eHealth's online submission for patient registration

Information page for healthcare providers and professionals

EEI (Thumbmail)
  • The engagement and participation of all stakeholders in the private and non-government sectors will be essential to building up a territory-wide patient-oriented eHR Sharing System.
  • The Government is launching an eHR Engagement Initiative (EEI) with all relevant stakeholders, and inviting them to submit proposals on partnerships for eHR development.

Invitation for eHR Partnership – Private Healthcare Sector

Invitation for eHR Partnership - Information Technology (IT) Sector

Systematic Training Programme for Healthcare and IT Practitioners (Thumbmail)
  • With funding support from Food and Health Bureau (FHB), Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) Consortium Ltd. will conduct a series of eHealth training programmes in 2011, catered and tailored to the healthcare practitioners, management executives, and healthcare and IT professionals;
  • The purpose of the training programme is to enhance the healthcare and IT practitioners' competence in eHealth.

Course materials

HKAML (Thumbmail)
  • With funding support from FHB, HKAML will develop a laboratory integration platform for laboratory information exchange, and provide training and technical support for the private laboratory practitioners;
  • The entire solution, including the laboratory integration hub, the laboratory integration module and the clinic integration module, are open source and made available on a not-for-profit basis and free of charge to the laboratory sector and the clinics in Hong Kong.

Course materials

HL7 (Thumbmail)
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) is an international messaging standard for electronic interchange of clinical, financial and administration information among healthcare oriented computer systems. The adoption of HL7 as the messaging standard is supported for interoperable communication for the future eHR Sharing System in Hong Kong.
  • With funding support from FHB, HL7 Hong Kong has organised HL7 training program for healthcare professionals and IT practitioners to better understand the core fundamental concepts and skills about HL7 data standards.

Course materials

ehr Internship Porgramme (Thumbmail)
  • The Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited was engaged as the Secretariat of the eHR Internship Programme and served as the administration and project management office.
  • The Programme aimed to train and provide practical experience for local graduates from healthcare-related or IT disciplines (the "interns") to help deploy electronic medical record or electronic patient record (eMR/ePR) systems or take part in eHR-related activities for private healthcare providers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), or IT vendors supporting healthcare providers; and to enhance health informatics capacity in Hong Kong.
  • It was a 3-year programme with annual invitation starting from 2014. Admitted companies were entitled to a cash subsidy up to HK$6,000 per month per intern for a maximum term of twelve months for eHR related job placements.

Programme details and application documents