Identity verification is an important privacy protection measure which authenticates an applicant's identity to start sharing patient's electronic health record (eHR) in the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth).

Register in-person or via "iAM Smart"

If you have submitted application in-person or online using "iAM Smart", your eHR may be shared once your registration is in effect (i.e. identity verification is completed instantly).

Scan the QR code to download and register for "iAM Smart" now to complete identity verification and eHealth registration instantly.

For more information about "iAM Smart", please click here.

"iAM Smart"'s' QR code

Register online or via written means

If you have submitted application online (not using "iAM Smart"), fax, postal mail or drop-in box (i.e. written means)*, you will receive a notification. You may bring your identity document and a copy of the person’s identity document (applicable to application by a substitute decision maker (SDM)) when you next visit a registered private healthcare provider providing healthcare to you, or the following locations, for identity verification:

If you have submitted application as a SDM and are the person's guardian, person appointed by the court to manage his/ her affairs, or prescribed healthcare provider who provides or is about to provide healthcare to him/ her, please also bring other required documents.

For more information about different methods to register with eHealth, please click here.

Afterwards, the registration in eHealth will be effective and you will receive a notification of successful registration with an 8-digit access key via your selected communication means. Under normal circumstances, eHR within the eHealth sharable scope would be shared to the system around 30 minutes to 1 hour after identity verification. Therefore, you are advised to allow sufficient time before giving sharing consent to healthcare providers for access to your eHR.


* Note:
If you have submitted your application online or via written means and are unable to verify your identity in person at the above locations, you can authorise a person to complete identity verification on your behalf by specifying on the online submission form or authorisation letter accordingly. The authorised person should bring his / her identity document and a copy of your identity document for identity verification.


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