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Joining the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth)
Lifelong eHR for you and your family

You and your family

Electronic records to enable authorised healthcare providers to give you more efficient and quality healthcare services.

Healthcare provider and professional

Different healthcare institutions such as private hospitals, clinics, elderly homes and non-governmental organizations are welcome to join.

What's eHealth?

A territory-wide, patient-oriented electronic sharing platform for free.

Role-based access control
Role-based access control
Only authorised healthcare professionals
can view your records based on roles and clinical needs
Sharing consent
Sharing consent
Depending on your needs,
you can give a one-year or an indefinite term
Mobile registration teams
Mobile registration teams
Our teams will be there to help you out
How to protect your privacy

Only your authorised providers can access your records on a "patient under care" and "need to know" basis.

eHealth participants*

as of end-August 2023




Healthcare providers


Healthcare professionals

*Excluding invalid accounts, such as deceased, withdrawn or cancelled, etc.